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    Forum Rules - Includes Profile Pages (Things that are not allowed):

    1. No posting of personal information on the forum (first name-if you are under the age of 13 - ANY last name, age, city, school, phone number, e-mail address, pictures, AIM user name, Twitter user name, any user name/information from social media sites, etc.) If you are OVER the age of 13, you may share your FIRST name only. If you are UNDER the age of 13, please be sure to read the COPPA Rules. If you are under the age of 13, you must have your parent register for you per WA rules. If you are a parent, please do not give your childrens' ages or first names if they are under the age of 13 also. No last names, ages, cities, schools, phone numbers, e-mail addresses, pictures, etc., should be posted at any time for any person - member or non-member.
    2. No attempting to discuss trades outside of the Swapping area – no trade talk in PM’s (trading in PM's is only allowed after you become a Super Swapper - please read the swapping rules for more info), on profiles or on other discussion threads. Also, do not list your swap list in your signature or on your profile. Any discussion of trade is to take place in the swapping section only.
    3. No swearing, foul language, name calling or bad images, or suggestions of such. Remember, this is a site for kids and adults. You must use appropriate words and images on this website. If you see another member breaking this rule, please report to admin or a moderator.
    4. No overt personal abuse or threats to other posters or staff. This includes harassment of other users or posting anything which would invade their privacy. If you feel threatened by another member, please report to admin or a moderator.
    5. No spam (including Chain Letters)
    6. No commercial advertising
    7. No registering and using duplicate accounts after being banned or for any reason - you will be permanently banned again once it comes to our attention. Also, if you know someone has created another WA ID after having been banned and you do not report them, you are risking your status at WA (permanent banning).
    8. No creating fake news or doctoring of images. If you post news about something, you must include a link to the original website where you have found the story. Also, the original information may not be changed in any way.
    9. No youtube video links, Vimeo video links, or other 'social media shared video links' allowed. Many have inappropriate content which is not allowed on our forum. If you have an appropriate youtube video that you would like to share, please follow the directions HERE on how to embed the video (Youtube or Vimeo) onto your post.
    10. Absolutely NO threads about being hacked and/or begging for others to give you free items. All threads that are started in this manner will be deleted immediately. Getting hacked is a situation for Ganz to handle and while we are sorry if this happens to one of our members, we do not want threads started on the forum concerning this issue.
    11. No pictures or posts about cigarettes, alcohol, drugs, guns/weapons, or sexually explicit/suggestive images are allowed on WA.
    12. No logging in under another member's WA account.
    13. No removing posts made by staff on threads or profile pages. Do not remove any Moderated posts made by staff members.
    14. No threads OR posts about being banned on other forums. All threads that are started or post that are made in this manner will be deleted immediately.
    15. No threads about leaving the forum or WW or returning after a trip/vacation/extended absence. Threads started to call attention to your leaving the forum "forever", stating that you need a break from the forum and/or WW, stating that you are leaving to go on vacation, or threads stating that you have just returned from an extended absence will be deleted. If you feel that you need a break from the forum and/or WW, or if you are going to be gone temporarily, then you may PM your friends or post on their profiles letting them know. But, starting a thread in this manner is unnecessary.
    16. No arguing with or being rude to staff members. If you have been reprimanded for breaking a rule on the forum, do not argue about the issue with the staff member who has reprimanded you.
    17. No trading or gifting of Webkinz World accounts or pet codes at any time. This may result in an immediate and permanent ban. No posting of any passwords in the open forum. Any private information must remain private and if you are 'sharing' any private information, please do so through Private Messaging ONLY!
    18. All terms and conditions of vBulletin specifically apply to this site - once you post on the message boards it is in the public domain and there can be no recourse or action taken. By agreeing to the rules of the Boards each member abides by all the rules of WA and agrees to the terms and conditions set forth by vBulletin.
    19. Any picture or design created specifically for use at WA, remains the property of WA. This includes (but is not limited to) banners, avatars, signatures and images for threads (S.W.A.P. Guide, etc.) Do not ask for us to remove the pictures/designs that you create for WA. If you do not agree with this rule, then do not offer images for our use. Also, any image that you create for WA's use, can also be removed by the management at WA for any reason and at any time.
    20. The gifting of items outside of the Give Away section is prohibited. You may NOT post on random threads or on profile pages telling someone that you have gifted them something. Gifting is for the give away sections, and swapping is for the swap sections. Also, you may only give away items on give away threads that are started by you. You may not give away items on another person's give away thread. *Please note: If you have sent a friend a random gift, you may let them know via PM to check their WW mail. Please remember though...TRADE TALK is not allowed via PM if you are not a Super Swapper or above.
    21. The discussion of selling virtual WW items on iOffer is strictly prohibited on WA.
    22. Webkinz Addictz is NOT to be used as a forum for promotion of any other sites, personal blogs, youtube channels, webpages, any social media sites, or any other personal websites. If you have a question regarding this, please contact one of the RED administrative members.
    23. NO posting of any rumored items that may be appearing in Webkinz World unless confirmed by Ganz or done by an official Staff member with permission to share such information. At this time, "Mystique" is the only member who can post any information about what 'might' be coming that has yet to be confirmed by Ganz, and such information should remain in the proper section.

    Forum Guidelines - Includes Profile Pages (Things we'd rather you not do):

    1. No RED, PURPLE (or DARK ORCHID), BLUE or GREEN (or LIME) ink on posts/threads - This is reserved for the Admins (Red), Super Moderators (Purple), Moderators (Blue) to edit/moderate posts and Swapper Specialists (Green) to correct values for trades. No RED or PURPLE (or DARK ORCHID) ink on profiles, as administrators and super moderators use those ink colors when they are moderating profiles. *Please note: You MAY use these color fonts in the FIRST POST ONLY of your thread (swap threads, etc.) for decoration purposes.
    2. No creating duplicate threads - Before starting a new thread use the search feature to make sure that your topic is not already covered by an existing thread. If you create a duplicate thread that has already been posted (or will be posted by a staff member in the Breaking Newz section), it will automatically be moved to recycling and you will not be notified. Announcements about new items from Ganz are to be made by staff members ONLY in the Breaking Newz section.
    3. No starting threads in the wrong forum - Please ask a mod if you are unsure of where to post a thread.
    4. No using 'Text Speak' in your posts - Please take the time to write replies in English.
    5. No posting entirely in capital letters - Please do not post the subject or content of your posts entirely in capital letters. All caps is generally considered “shouting”.
    6. No being rude to fellow members - Please treat others as you would like them to treat you!
    7. No thread domination - Do not try to bully someone into submission or argue with every comment they make, simply because their views may differ from your own. Please let other people have their say, and write your posts in a polite manner.
    8. No anonymous sourcing - If you copy and paste an article, piece of news or rumor to the forum please include a link to the original website source or explain where you found out about the story.
    9. WA Staff does not advise the gifting of items to other members when they have reported having a hardship in their lives. There have been instances where people have told untruths just to receive free items from members. WA has no way of confirming whether or not the story is true. Please keep in mind that any gift you send to another member is at your own risk and WA is not responsible for the loss of gifted items.

    What to expect in terms of moderation:

    If you ignore any of the Forum Rules, you will be moderated in one of the following ways:

    1. Warning on your record or Infraction depending on the severity of offense.
    2. After 2 Infractions, Temporary or Full ban, depending on the severity of the offense.
    3. Immediate Temporary or Full access ban (no warnings or infractions) may occur if the offense is very severe.
    4. Immediate Temporary posting ban (no warnings or infractions) may occur if the offense is severe.

    *Two Warnings are equal to one Infraction.

    *Offenses that will result in an immediate permanent ban are: falsification of birth date information during registration, creation of a duplicate ID, posting of offensive images/material, bannings from other Webkinz forums for shady behavior or scamming, trading or gifting of Webkinz World accounts or pet codes

    If you ignore any of the Forum Guidelines:

    1st offense - Notification by admin or moderator and your post will be edited/deleted or merged with others.
    2nd offense & beyond - If you continue to ignore the Forum Guidelines, you will find yourself being moderated in the same manner as if you violated one of the Forum Rules.

    The above may also apply to posts reported to us via the 'Report To Moderator' feature.

    What you can expect from us:

    ~Where possible/applicable, a moderator or admin will point the poster to these guidelines as necessary.
    ~An explanation as to why you have received a warning, infraction and/or a temporary/permanent ban or had posting rights removed.
    ~We won't notify people of every little modification/deletion/merging activity.

    Please note: This is an active online community. As such, it may be necessary for us to amend the posting guidelines from time to time to reflect the changes to the site and its users.

    Also, we reserve the right to edit or remove any content we determine to be inappropriate including, but not limited to, posts, avatars, signatures, attachments, embedded pictures, links, etc.

    In order to keep your account open with WA, you must remain an active member. If you have not posted in one month, you will be sent an e-mail. If you do not reply within one week to the e-mail, your account will be closed.

    WA Staff

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